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The main purpose of IFSM is to provide the world with an authentic taste of European and Middle Eastern nourishment.

  The company will supply its native consumers with a familiar product and present its foreign consumers with a new tasteful experience.

IFSM will strive to not only surpass the expectations of consumers, but also create a new standard of quality for this industry.

 IFSM’s mission is to become respected and trustworthy in the mind of its consumers by supplying them with healthy and delicious products for their household.

In order to maximize both the experience and quality for consumers IFSM will abide the following policy: 

·      Collaborate with exclusively with companies that pride themselves of the quality and taste of their product.

·      Strictly increase customer satisfaction without undesirable outcomes in other variables.

·      Monitor every step in the delivery and distribution process of the products to its respective consumers, while taking environmental issues in account.


Our policy of quality to bring the world delicacies and desired variety of tastes to the American consumer is as follows:


  • To work in collaboration with companies that place quality as their first priority with proven global standards and accreditations.

  • To satisfy consumers needs and expectations with ready-to consume healthy, trustworthy, local tastes.

  • Without compromise in quality maintain and increase customer satisfaction

  • With utmost environmental concern and care to make sure that IFSM successfully covers every stage in delivering the products until the consumer.


We are serving to national and international accounts, pastries, ethnical stores, gourmet food stores, moms and pops stores throughout the country.   

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