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Lots of Chocolate Lots of Happiness.

Chocolate is health, happiness, love … Adventure of BOLCI CHOCOLATE brand started with production of Bolu Chocolate in 16m² production plant with entrepreneurial spirit of Hasan AKSOY in 1998. Today in addition to Bolu Chocolate in 8800m² production plant; more than 800 kinds of unique tastes which are prepared with elaborate; appeal to taste of world market and be the favorite of extraordinary taste amorous. BOLCI CHOCOLATE’s secret of success; all members of AKSOY FAMILY are distinguished work effort, precise, enduring innovator and business development. With this effort; it has become one of the major producers both in our country and other leading countries in the world in a short time. BOLCI CHOCOLATE is in high technology plant; use high-grade hazelnut, pistachio, almond, walnut and the other raw materials in accordance with the World Food Safety Standards produce by happy, educated, and qualified employees and presented to the appreciation of our valued customers.

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